Instagram prepare business analytics feature

Instagram is serious work opportunities in the business market. Once known testing the new profile for business users, Instagram is now reportedly testing a new feature.

business analytics feature

Instagram has begun testing features for business analysis. Circulating a screenshot showing that the application has a feature analysis, enabling users to learn anyone who is interested in their posts.

Unlike applications that exist today, the business version is not only the name of their followers. Feature analysis could reveal details about who their followers, such as age range, location, and even the average time users spend on Instagram on certain days. Instagram reportedly testing analysis features for businesses

In addition, business users can also be viewed “impressions” on each of their posts. This has become a valuable metric for marketers and social media manager.

Impressions itself is the total number of times a user sees post.

Unfortunately, unknown when the feature will be launched. However Instagram could have been predicted to launch simultaneously or after business profile is launched.