Google: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Pixel

Google continues to promote its latest smartphone, Pixel and Pixel XL. This time, the search engine giant released a video on how to move data from iPhone to Pixel.


Video titled #PixelTips it outlines a simple way for consumers who want to switch from iPhone to Pixel. The first step recommended in a nearly two-minute video that was to disable iMessage and FaceTime beforehand.

In addition, users should also make sure your iPhone or Pixel has a battery of 50 percent or more. Then after the second device is confirmed to have been connected via WiFi networks, connect iPhone to Pixel use Quick Switch Adapter. Do not worry, the Quick Switch Adapter is available for free because it is already included in the box with Pixel.

Once connected to Wi-Fi and sign-in using your Google account, Pixel will begin to scan your iPhone to transfer content.

Then the user can choose what data you want to move to Pixel, such as photos, videos, contacts and SMS. Once that process is complete, users can directly use the Pixel. Google Video can be seen here.

The Pixel and Pixel XL is the latest smartphone series that was born from the cooperation between Google and HTC. Both were announced in a ceremony on October 4, 2016 #MadeByGoogle.