It turns out Apple Had Want to Buy a BlackBerry

Secretly Apple apparently had had an interest in buying the BlackBerry. Although ultimately unsuccessful, because the board is looking for BlackBerry independent investor.


It is revealed from sources close to the company, BlackBerry indeed been targeted by several major vendors such as Lenovo and Apple. In fact, last name also seriously put the proposal price.

Apple does intend to buy a BlackBerry because the target patents owned Canadian company.

Despite will buy, BlackBerry ultimately failed purchased because the company have to be very willing to sell all divisions as well.

BlackBerry sales plan is arguably failed miserably. Fairfax Financial Holdings that the plan would bring the company was not able to provide USD 4.7 billion.

Reportedly, no bank would dare to take risks Fairfax lend to a company whose business is central in the balance. Significantly, when the BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins must also be willing to leave for failing.

There has been no comment from Apple about the fast growing rumors