21 Scientists Genius Behind Google DeepMind

The success of Google’s artificial intelligence, AlphaGo, developed DeepMind division, won the match against the board game Go Go world champion, Lee Sedol, so the world’s attention.

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Many people wonder, anyone scientists working behind the artificial intelligence. Information from the pages of Business Insider, Google DeepMind itself is a division which has a membership of 200 people.

However, anyone working on it still remains a mystery, but three co-founder who was already known.

Business Insider said, the possibility of Google did not disclose it because it did not want to risk getting will lose their best staff. Google avoids the nicest people that moved to a competitor that also focuses on developing artificial intelligence such as Facebook.

Best talented people is likely to become one of the reasons the company is headquartered in Mountain View was to disburse US $ 446 million to DeepMind January.

DeepMind itself was founded in 2010. The company that was established and headquartered in London that is focused on handling research. In addition, the experts who worked on it are always published papers on artificial intelligence since the beginning of the company was established.

A page on the website also showed their DeepMind academic papers, in which the various works of the scientists who allegedly worked for DeepMind.

Business Insider explore a number of names were allegedly working to develop artificial intelligence for DeepMind. Unfortunately, Google does not provide a direct statement of the truth.

Here’s the data by scientists smart:

1. David Silver

Silver publish 16 papers. Silver earned a BA Honors degree in Computer Science and an MA in Computer Science from the University Chambrige. In addition, he also holds a PhD from the University of Alberta.

2. Koray Kavukcouglu

Kavukcouglu publish 14 articles about artificial intelligence. He is the holder of a PhD degree from the University of New York and had an internship at Google’s New York office in 2010.

3. Vlad Mnih

Mnih publish 11 papers on artificial intelligence. He obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto.

4. Alex Graves

She has published nine works on artificial intelligence at DeepMind page. In addition, Graves also worked with Google artificial intelligence expert Geoff Hinton.

5. Daan Wierstra

She has published 8 papers on artificial intelligence. Wierstra wrote on her personal website that he is interested in the neuron model, genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence.

6. Joel Veness

6 papers have a number of publications on Google pages DeepMind. In her personal website, Veness wrote his interest in the algorithm, aspects of computing and artificial intelligence.

7. Ioannis Antonoglou

DeepMind joined in 2012 after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in artificial intelligence and the study of the machine.

8. Marc Bellemare

It has 6 articles about artificial intelligence in Google DeepMind. He also wrote on her personal website that he had no interest in reinforcement learning.

9. Demis Hassabis (Co-founder)

Is VP Engineering DeepMind who has a master’s degree at the age of 13 years. He was lover of chess and is also an expert in the game of poker.

10. Nicolas Heess

Nicolas is a student at the University of Edinburgh. Pages academic said, Heess have an interest in understanding the information that is processed by the brain.

11. Ivo Danihelka

Danihelka nationals of the Czech Republic. He described himself as a programmer who have an interest in machine learning.

12. Shakir Mohamed

This man completed his PhD at the University Chambridge along with Zoubin Ghahramani, head of the department of machine learning on campus.

13. Arthur Guez

Guez is a student in the Gatsby Computatiomnal Neuroscience Unit at University College London. He received guidance from programmers AlphaGo, David Silver. In addition, he also had an internship at Microsoft Research in Chambridge.

14. Danilo Jimenez Rezende

Rezende has a certificate from the institution related Udacity his work on artificial intelligence for robots.

15. Timothy Lilicrap

Lilicrap have an interest in mathematics and machine learning theory and optimal control.

16. Nal Kalchbrenner

Had an internship at Google in 2014 before completing college S3 in the field of computer science at the University Chambridge.

17. Karen Simonyan

Is one of the founders of Vision Factory which was acquired by Google DeepMind in October 2014. The purpose of Vision Factory is improving the visual recognition system that uses in-depth learning.

18. Mustafa Suleyman (Co-founder)

Dropped out of the University of Oxford did not break her spirit. After attending a counseling at the Muslim Youth Helpline, he also worked as a police officer for the former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

19. Shane Legg (Co-founder)

Formerly he was the Chief Science Officer DeepMind before Google bought. Furthermore, when the acquisition, he became a research scientist at DeepMind.

20. Martin Riedmiller

DeepMind joined nine months ago. She has worked in the field of robotics and learning systems autonomos at the University of Freiberg Germany.

21. Charles Blundell

Has a PhD in machine learning from the University College London and got a master’s degree in computer systems and software from the University of York.